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National Cancer Data Base - Data Dictionary PUF 2014


PUF Data Item Name: 
NAACCR Item #: 
Allowable values: 
0 - 5, 9
Identifies the side of a paired organ or the side of the body on which the reportable tumor originated. This applies to the primary site only.
Registry Coding Instructions: 
  • Code laterality for all paired sites (see Analytic Note).
  •  Code all nonpaired sites 0 (see Analytic Note). 
  • Record laterality for unknown primary site (C80.9) as 0 (not a paired site).
  • Do not code metastatic sites as bilateral involvement.
  •  Code midline lesions 5 (see Analytic Note).
Analytic Note: 

Beginning with cases diagnosed in 2010, the code 5 is used for midline of paired sites.  This code is applicable for very few sites, because it requires that the two lateral portions be contiguous (laterality of the skin of most parts of the body has a midline; laterality of the breast does not).  For cases diagnosed prior to 2010, the midline was coded 9.  Those cases are rare, but will be coded 9 in pre-2010 PUF cases.
The following are paired sites: 
Parotid gland
Submandibular gland
Sublingual gland
Tonsillar fossa
Tonsillar pillar
Overlapping lesion of tonsil
Tonsil, NOS
Nasal cavity (excluding nasal cartilage and nasal septum)
Middle ear
Maxillary sinus
Frontal sinus
Main bronchus (excluding carina)
Long bones of upper limb and scapula
Short bones of upper limb
Long bones of lower limb
Short bones of lower limb
Rib and clavicle (excluding sterum)
Pelvic bones (excluding sacrum, coccyx, and symphysis pubis)
Skin of eyelid
Skin of external ear
Skin of other and unspecified parts of face
Skin of trunk
Skin of upper limb and shoulder
Skin of lower limb and hip
Peripheral nerves and autonomic nervous system of upper limb and shoulder
Peripheral nerves and autonomic nervous system of lower limb and hip
Connective, cutaneous and other soft tissue of upper limb and shoulder
Connective, cutaneous and other soft tissue of lower limb and hip
Fallopian tube
Spermatic cord
Kidney, NOS
Renal pelvis
Eye and lacrimal gland
Cerebral meninges, NOS (beginning with 2004 diagnoses)
Cerebrum (beginning with 2004 diagnoses)
Frontal lobe (beginning with 2004 diagnoses)
Temporal lobe (beginning with 2004 diagnoses)
Parietal lobe (beginning with 2004 diagnoses)
Occipital lobe (beginning with 2004 diagnoses)
Olfactory lobe (beginning with 2004 diagnoses)
Optic lobe (beginning with 2004 diagnoses)
Acoustic lobe (beginning with 2004 diagnoses)
Cranial nerve, NOS (beginning with 2004 diagnoses)
Adrenal gland
Carotid body







Organ is not considered to be a paired site.




Origin of primary is right.




Origin of primary is left.




Only one side involved, right or left origin not specified.




Bilateral involvement, side of origin unknown, stated to be a single primary. This includes:

  Both ovaries simultaneously involved with a single histology

  Bilateral retinoblastomas

  Bilateral Wilms tumors




Midline of a paired site tumors




Paired site, but lateral origin unknown; midline tumor.