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National Cancer Data Base - Data Dictionary PUF 2014

Facility Type

PUF Data Item Name: 
Allowable values: 
1, 2, 3, 4, 9
Each facility reporting cases to the NCDB is assigned a category classification by the Commission on Cancer Accreditation program. This item provides a general classification of the structural characteristics of each reporting facility.
Registry Coding Instructions: 


Analytic Note: 

For additional information about CoC accreditation categories see Please note that for hospitals who are categorized as Integrated Network Cancer Programs, there is no information in the PUF data as to when these facilities became part of a Network. Some facilities may have been in a Network throughout the time period in the PUF, whereas others may have only recently become part of a Network. Additionally, facilities designated in the Network category could previously been assigned a different category before joining their Network, such as Community, Academic, etc. Keep this in mind when analyzing facility type data, as Networks are comprised of several different types of facilities, but are only classified as Integrated Network Cancer Program in the PUF data. The hospital category in the PUF only represents the current designation of the facility.
See Data De-identification and Confidentiality for a description of the handling of some categories. Please note that VA/DoD facilities are not included in the PUF files, and therefore are not identifiable as a type of cancer program.
This item is suppressed for cases aged 0-39.




Community Cancer Program


Comprehensive Community Cancer Program


Academic/Research Program (includes NCI-designated comprehensive cancer centers)


Integrated Network Cancer Program


Other or unknown types of cancer programs