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National Cancer Data Base - Data Dictionary PUF 2014

Other Treatment at This Facility

PUF Data Item Name: 
NAACCR Item #: 
Allowable values: 
0-3, 6-9
Identifies other treatment given at the reporting facility that cannot be defined as surgery, radiation, or systemic therapy.
Registry Coding Instructions: 

In order to report the hematopoiectic cases in which the patient received supportive care, SSER and the Commissison on Cancer have agreed to record treatments such as phlebotomy, transfusion, or aspirin as "Other Treatment" Code 1 for certain hematopoietic diseases ONLY.  Consult for instructions for coding care of specific hematopoietic neoplasms in this item.
Code 1 for embolization using alcohol as an embolizing agent.
Code 1 for embolization to a site other than the liver where the embolizing agent is unknown.
Code 1 for PUFA (psoralen and long-wave ultraviolet radiation)
Do not code pre-surgical embolization given to shrink the tumor.
Code 8 if it is known that a physician recommended treatment coded as Other Treatment, and no further documentation is available yet to confirm its administration.
Code 8 to indicate referral to a specialist for Other Treatment; the registry should follow.  If follow-up with the specialist or facility determines the patient was never there, code 0.

NCDB System Code Assignments: 






All cancer treatment was coded in other treatment fields (surgery, radiation, systemic therapy). Patient received no cancer treatment.  Diagnosed at autopsy.



Cancer treatment that cannot be appropriately assigned to specified treatment data items (surgery, radiation, systemic). Use this code for treatment unique to hematopoietic diseases.



This code is not defined. It may be used to record participation in institution-based clinical trials.


Other-Double Blind

A patient is involved in a double-blind clinical trial. Code the treatment actually administered when the double-blind trial code is broken.



Cancer treatments administered by nonmedical personnel.



Other treatment was not administered. It was recommended by the patient's physician, but this treatment (which would have been coded 1, 2, or 3) was refused by the patient, a patient's family member, or the patient's guardian. The refusal was noted in the patient record.


Recommended; unknown if administered

Other treatment was recommended, but it is unknown whether it was administered.



It is unknown whether other treatment was recommended or administered, and there is no information in the medical record to confirm the recommendation or administration of other treatment.  Death certificate only.

Analytic Note: 

This item is available only for diagnosis years 2003 and later.
CoC cancer programs are required to identify treatment their patients received from all sources.  Other treatment may have been given by any facility, or multiple facilities, not limited to the one whose report is included in this file.  This refers to the first use of other treatment for the cancer by the reporting facility.