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National Cancer Data Base - Data Dictionary PUF 2014

Patient Treated in More than One CoC Facility?

PUF Data Item Name: 
Allowable values: 
0, 1
Identifies whether there was more than one CoC facility that submitted a report for this case to NCDB.
NCDB System Code Assignments: 

0 = Only one CoC facility reported this case to NCDB
1 = Records pertaining to this case submitted to NCDB by more than one CoC facility

Analytic Note: 

All CoC accredited programs that initially diagnose a patient or that provide all or part of first course treatment report the case.  If more than one facility submitted a report, the "best" is provided in the PUF file based on recency of patient contact with the program, completeness of coded detail and/or edit quality, where differences exist.  The record used in the case of ties is arbitrary.  If this item is coded 0, only one facility provided a report for this cancer. 
This item is used for hospital-level comparisons, surgical volume, distance or other hospital-level computations in order to take into account cases treated at more than one hospital.

If a patient received treatment in an outpatient facility or a non-CoC accredited facility, they could still have a code of 0 for this variable, if only one record for this patient was submitted to the NCDB. For these patients, they could have a Summary Treatment variable indicating that they received treatment (for example Chemotherapy= 1,2 or 3), but the hospital level treatment variable could indicate that no treatment was received at the facility included in the PUF (for example Chemotherapy at this Facility = 0). This would occur if a patient was diagnosed and/or treated in only one CoC facility but received treatment in an outpatient setting or in a non-CoC facility.