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National Cancer Data Base - Data Dictionary PUF 2014

Summary of 2011 PUF User File Changes as of 01/21/2014

The following modifications have been made in the newest files:

  1. The PUF Case Key (PUF_CASE_ID) has been extended to 37 characters. This unique identifier appears at the beginning of the record, so it is important to use the updated SAS or SPSS script to read the new files. The PUF Dictionary has been updated with the longer code length.
  2. For thyroid and esophagus primary sites, cases that were submitted with AJCC staging but distributed as unknown in the prior PUF update have been corrected to reflect the stages reported to NCDB.
  3. The Surgical Procedure of the Primary Site (RX_SUMM_SURG_PRIM_SITE) codes for brain, spinal cord, cranial nerves, and other parts of the central nervous system codes have been corrected. The codes for these sites are below. Do not use the codes or definitions from the previous PUF release. The PUF Dictionary has been updated to reflect these.
    No surgery of primary site
    Tumor destruction
    Surgery performed on primary site
    Unknown if surgery performed
  4. The data item name for Thirty Day Mortality (PUF_30_DAY_MORT_CD) was changed in the last release, but not documented as such. The PUF Dictionary entry has now been updated.